Choose Your Festival

Summer is in full swing and it’s time to get out our hats and wear our musical tastes upon our sleeves. This is where segregation begins. Which festival should we be throwing our money at? Are we a hard rock/metal fan? (Soundwave) Like regurgitated acts from the year before? (Big Day Out) Think that the only way to enjoy music is standing in a lane with no personal space with the relentless sun beating down (Laneway) Or by wearing almost absolutely no clothing where musical acts become secondary to the social situations happening around them (Future).

Although we all know Australia has a hard time keeping fantastic festivals afloat (All Tomorrows Parties, Harvest etc) As better festivals take place overseas. It’s nice to see there’s selection for all music lovers out there but at the end of the day the most depressing thing is that all these lineups lack really great substance. IF only they were to unite in some way…oh wait…there is!

As I write this post myself and a friend salivate over the idea of Primavera Sound Festival which is more or less all four festivals combined into one. Check out the lineup for yourself: Lineup

In short:

The Big Day Out tour this year will cost you about $175. The big problem I have and can’t get past is the fact that a handful of the “attractive’ artists on the list played not even 6 months ago at our Splendour in the Grass. Yes great if you missed out but really disappointing either way. It’s somewhat always exciting to see who the annual headliner will be but this fell way short of expectations. It’s a known fact that negotiations for Eminem to headline fell through.

Our Picks – Soundgarden, Noel Gallagher, Battles and OFWGKTA just out of pure interest.

Laneway Festival unfortunately has a really bad venue at the moment in my opinion. By god if the “Carpark Stage” sound isnt better this year I believe punters will be surely asking for a refund. Wonderful, now I have that off chest, there are some great artists to check out this year. With probably the smallest lineup of the 4. At a cost of $115, it’s the most affordable day out and will be sure to bring you musical bliss through the day. 

Our Picks – Girls, Feist, EMA, Anna Calvi, M83, Horrors, Washed Out and Yuck.

Soundwave Festival is the most expensive out of them all at $165, which isnt really a problem as it’s seemingly the most well sold festival. If this was 1998-2001 and your roughly around the ages of 15-17 then this is a music fans wet dream. Fortunately money can buy you nostalgia  (hello nu-metal) or….just a ticket to the music you love and never stopped loving. (aka the unfortunates who didn’t have an older brother to show them a Sonic Youth record) Hey that’s fine with me but most of the headlining artists here have either peaked artistically or havent been seen in years, but hey what does it matter when you’re selling out shows? The Punk/Grunge/Metal/Rock juggernaut known as Soundwave has slowly built its reputation in the last few years and is now effectively rivalling the Big Day Out. Hey Kenny, maybe you should start thinking more Soundwave less Triple J.

Our Picks –  Mastodon, Dillinger Escape Plan, Jacks Mannequin (1st album requests!), Zack Wylde, Thursday and Marilyn Manson doing a Don’t Look Back Mechanical Animals.

Future Music Festival successfully unites rock and dance attracting punters from all avenues. Both a cheaper option then the BDO and SW at $150. I strongly believe the dance/electro genre is the most popular form of music right now regardless of the lineup, I do believe it’s a sell out. My lack of words on Future is due to lack of interest musically and culturally and  for my bias opinions on the general attendees. With all said even I could have a great day here.

Our Picks – New Order, The Rapture, Aphex Twin, Hercules and Love Affair, Frank Ocean and Holy Ghost!

In conclusion, based on ticket prices and lineup our winner this year for most attractive festival is Laneway Festival.

Enjoy yourselves.



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