My Personal Book Depository

Another year went by with not a lot to show for it in regards to my reading patterns. The year was more of a collection year then reading year. Sometimes it scares me to think that I enjoy collecting books more than I do reading them. As you know books are slowly becoming extinct and I definitely can’t picture myself with any kind of electronic book reader ever. The amount of book stores that closed last year was unbelievable but with that in mind there’s no way you can’t spend big at a closing 50-75% off sale. I do need to confess though that I’ve found it unbelievably hard to finish a book, there’s been so many stop starts and put downs. I need to make it clear it’s not because of the content but the pure un-organisation that had been 2011. All readers know there’s nothing more satifsfying than completing a book.

Here’s my top reads of 2011.

1. The Rum Diary – Hunter S Thompson
2. Fargo Rock City – Chuck Klosterman
3. Main Lines, Blood Feasts and Bad Tastes – Lester Bangs
4. Apathy for the Devil – Nick Kent
5. Things the Grandchildren Should Know – Mark Everett

It took me so long to dig out the Rum Diary from the collection but I finally did and read it in probably the most unlikely place (Disneyworld). It’s not that strange really, I needed a book small enough to fit into my pocket and to be able to read whilst waiting in line and the travelling parts around the park,  however the book pretty much took over my interest for the most part that I was there, so I remember visiting Disneyworld more so for Hunter then Epcot. I can definitely relate to Chuck Klosterman, coming from a small soulless town, having issues with girls and his music collection pretty much being his sole priority. FRC makes you want to listen to 80’s hair metal even if you don’t like it and trust me I became a little closer to Motley Crue and Poison for a second there. So THANK YOU Chuck. Lester and Nicks writings are must read for any musically inclined person and  if you didn’t think Mr E’ could get any more personal than his records it’s in his autobiography that you can find him at his most barest. Not interested in telling you the ins and outs of moderate rock and roll success but more so what was happening to him personally throughout his career.




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