Kurt Vile vs Patrick Stickles (Titus Andronicus)

Man, sometimes things just slide straight past you. In a nutshell in late last year Kurt Vile’s track “Baby’s Arms” appeared in a Bank of America commercial to which the Titus Andronicus man discovered and took it too his twitter account to mildly put it, accuse Vile of selling out. Vile responded by telling him that he needed the cash for some pretty realistic things.

My question is it selling out if you either:

A) Don’t care?
B) Care but want the money?

Stickles of a yet to sell out stadium shows band should know the pressures of an up and coming musician and probably would have done the same right?

Here’s some of the messages that transpired:

PS – Did I hear that Kurt Vile’s great song ‘Baby’s Arms’ was in a Bank of America commercial? If so, man, that’s “shit” if anything ever was.
– Come on, Kurt Vile, yr a million times better than that.  If it is even true! Can someone confirm?
– if it is real, then you need to get real, man. I thought you were, like, the best dude in music

After Vile came back with his remark of: sorry titus. i did it to be like the carpenters.and to buy my daughter high end diapers. and to pay back my publishing advance. and because i never cared about that sorta thing. whoops,i even have a bank of america account. B-P (and that’s a dude with sunglasses sticking out his tongue,i’m so sorry.)

Poor PS – Shot back with this statement
A lot of times, people will open their mouth to talk about someone else, like they can know another person’s business…but they usually just do it because they are feeling insecure or threatened or vulnerable about their own selves…and they project their own fears and insecurities onto that other person. It would be much better to just try and live…in accordance with yr own values, and be a model for those values, live yr life and let other people live this. So what I’m saying is I’m sorry I let yr name come out of my mouth. Yr life is yr own to live. is the new Tom Petty. I’m just petty.

Titus Andronicus – A More Perfect Union.


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