Jack White – Love Interruption

Old Jackie, rumoured to be trapped inside an opium den surrounded by some chinamen (or not?) hit us with his latest solo offering, Love Interruption, a little over two weeks ago.

That James Bond theme song was good, true, but it’s the James Bond theme, y’know? Fly Farm Blues was a brilliant lo-fi blues that demonstrates his love of solo bluesmen like Robert Johnson, or Son House. Most recently he covered You Know That I Know for the recent Hank Williams compilation album, ably showing that country music doesn’t actually suck (as so many people would lead you to believe).

His most recent dip into the eternal well of songcraft that is The Deep South brings out his love of Stax-style soul. duetting with vocalist Ruby Amanfu. The track begins with tinkling piano and acoustic guitar, slowly the song builds as more instruments are introduced, and finally the playing becomes more and more intense before dropping to a whisper. And repeat, more or less. It’s like a deliberately acoustic Pixies covering some soul gem, forgotten ’til now.


Lukas Dam.


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